Follow the law of the land

Dear Editor,
With reference to the news headline “three forcibly attempt to enter without ILP” in the 29 August 2017 issue, I would like to ask the anti nationals not adhering to the laws of land whether it is very difficult to acquire a temporary ILP when leaders like Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi entered into Arunachal with valid ILP?
Sometimes, I fail to understand why some self styled people boasting of heading xyz organizations try to do things breaking the law whereas they ought to be role models for the new generation.
Also it is pertinent to mention and appeal to the corrupt officers that if you can’t perform your duty then, atleast let the sincere officials performing their duty do it.
This attitude of some corrupt officers remind me of a similar dialogue in the election campaigns but in a different tone ” Na kam karunga or na karne bhi dunga'”.
Instead of supporting the sincere officials, discouraging and making them to apologize in front of law breaking anti nationals will surely send a wrong message to the officials of Police department. God forbids those days when officials would think several times before doing their duty as he might be asked to apologize publicly later for discharging his duty.
Migom Libang