Self styled gurus

Dear Editor,
There are several notable self-styled gurus have faced criminal action or are presently lodged in various jails across the country in numerous sexual assault cases.The self styled Babas in our country are good for nothing and they want cheap publicity, money power & fame and are looting the gullible followers and indulging in nefarious activities. As India becomes wealthier and increasing numbers of people feel left behind, they turn to gurus for spiritual and material sustenance. Though health, well-being and spirituality are what they all profess, some like Ram Rahim Singh have made it to the headlines for the controversy they create, like financial irregularities, sexual abuse and, sometimes, even murder. These modern-day mega-gurus are nothing like the wandering saints of ancient Hindu religious texts, who meditated and lived on alms, renouncing all worldly possessions. Don’t we think in the past two decades, spiritual life in the country has undergone a transformation as Indians embrace hectic urban lifestyles and move away from their cultural roots of village-based worship .
Vinod C. Dixit,