Union seeks improvement in power supply


PALIN, Sep 3: The All Kra Daadi District Students’ Union (AKDDSU) in a communiqué on Sunday appealed to the Chief Engineer Central Zone to take immediate measures and improve the irregular power supply in Kra Daadi district.
Confronting the situation, the AKDDSU enquired about the inefficient supply of electricity in the district and learnt that the electric poles and main wires drawn from Ziro main power grid of 90 km lacks maintenance and is in a dilapidated state.
The AKDDSU appealed to the Chief Engineer Central Zone to change the old and weak wires and poles, and erect new poles, along with all the other necessary requirements so that regular electricity could be supplied to the district.
The Union also requested the state government to allocate funds for the maintenance of electric equipment and to regulate electricity supply in the district.