BRO establishes road connectivity between Sarli and Huri

ITANAGAR, Sep 4: The Border Roads Organization (BRO) has constructed a 71-km strategic road in remote Kurung Kumey district which would benefit several villages located there.
Project Arunank of the BRO on August 31 established road connectivity in between Sarli and Huri by completing the 71.30 km road, which would not only provide great relief to the people of Pipa, Damin, Huri and other villages but also facilitate the construction of the new Huri Taliha road connecting even more villages and contributing towards greater development of the state, according to a BRO release.
The construction of the road commenced in May, 2006.
Last year, in order to expedite the progress, the Project Arunank was staged forward from Ziro to Jeevan ahead of Koloriang in April. Three additional dozers were dismantled at Ziro and inducted by air to Km 44 detachment where they were reassembled.
As a result of this boost and a dedicated overdrive, it became feasible to cut 10 km of road in one year which is an unprecedented achievement.
“It was a herculean effort as this methodology of road construction is the single-most significant challenge in construction of roads in the state”, the BRO stated in a release.