Assault on officer condemned

ITANAGAR, Sep 5: Strongly condemning the assault on Executive Magistrate of Itanagar, Tame Yajum Dare in her office chamber by one Kamta Tawe and his wife Rani Jomoh Tawe, the Tarh Welfare Society (TWS) has in a release on Tuesday sought stringent punishment as per the law for both the accused.
‘Such a broad daylight crime committed in the office complex of the Deputy Commissioner raises serious concern over the security of the government officers performing their duty in the state’s interest’, stated TWS General Secretary, Tarh Tarak and urged the authorities not to grant bail to both accused at any cost.
The Yangda Wefare Society (YWS) has also strongly condemned the incident. In a release, the society alleged that the attack on her was pre-planned and with criminal intention to cause her grievous injury.
“Such an attack on magistrate and officers performing duties in the interest of public service raises serious question on the security of the government officers”, the Society said.
Also condemning the act of Kamta Tawe, The YWS urged the concerned authority not to grant bail to the accused at any cost.
“If the accused is granted bail then we shall take our own course of action to deliver justice to the victim,” the Society said.
Further, they called for giving exemplary punishment to the husband-wife duo.