Short films screening held at SCCZ

ZIRO, Sep 7: A screening of short films titled ‘Tales of the Tribes’ was held at Saint Claret College (SCCZ) on Thursday as part of a promotional stunt by the Adivasi Arts Trust, a UK-based NGO which has been instrumental in documenting folklores and adapting them as animated films.
The ‘Tales of the Tribes’ is a collection of short animated films that are adaptations of folktales. These are indigenous stories about animals, spirits, heroes and village life which have been made by the Adivasi Arts Trust, in collaboration with local organisations, artists, storytellers and young people.
Four of the stories were from the North East, including Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland and Manipur, while one is from Madhya Pradesh. The short films included the story of ‘Abotani’ from Arunachal Pradesh, which was recorded in ‘Myths of the North East Frontier’ by Verrier Elwin.
Earlier, during the screening, Series Director and Secretary of the Adivasi Arts Trust, Tara Douglas gave a short introduction to her work and introduced ‘animation’ to the students prior to the screening.