Itanagar receives SKoCH Order of Merit award

ITANAGAR, Sep 8: Itanagar, the capital city, was presented the SKoCH Order of Merit Award for being amongst top 50 Swachh Bharat projects in management of solid waste.
Chief Municipal Executive Officer (CMO), Habung Lampung on behalf of IMC and District Administration received SKoCH Order of Merit Award during 49th SKoCH Summit at New Delhi on Friday.
The award was presented by a jury as well as popular vote based on presentations of innovative practices.
The IMC and District administration with support of Govt and active participation of NGOs and citizens had shrugged off the 3rd dirtiest city tag of 2016 and ranked as 216th cleanest in 2017.
Now mobile App my Itanagar have been launched on Friday to address grievances of citizens on sanitation and CMEO is empowered to impose penalty for violations of various orders to regulate and streamline sanitation management.
The Deputy Commissioner, Prince Dhawan has appealed the citizens of Capital Complex to continue their support in keeping the city clean. He further informed that revamped system of door to door collection of garbage in all 30 wards is shortly implemented with end to end solutions for garbage management. DIPRO