Transfer teachers

Dear Editor,
First of all I would like to congratulate the Education department for second phase of transfer of teachers which have been executed recently. As soon as transfer was done, some organization and individuals have started to compliant that mid term transfer affect the study. But it is not fully true.
Even if teacher is transferred in the mid session, it does not affect the study of students. Because new teachers can take over the chapter /lesson where the transferred teacher have left. But yes reliever should be immediately sent or if there is already a sufficient teacher in the school , then there is no problem.
So public are very happy with the second phase of transfer of teacher in which service length of teacher in particular school have been taken into account.
But million dollar question is that will there be second phase of transfer of SSA teachers? Because in 1st phase , SSA teachers hade been transferred randomly. Many SSA teachers who were at the particular school for just 4-5 years have been transferred but those who in school for last 10-11 years have been left out by the rationalization of teachers.
As for example in the name rationalization of teachers, only 4-5 SSA teachers have been transferred in whole Ziro-I block , under Lower Subansiri dist in the first phase of transfer.
Transfer process of SSA teachers was done at district level. Thats why those who was supposed to be transferred have not been transferred rather others have been transferred. Had the transfer of SSA teachers been done at state level like that of regular teachers there would have been no chance of manipulation in transfer of SSA teachers.
Therefore, we public appeal to department of Education to bring out second phase of transfer of SSA teachers and transfer out at least those teachers who have served in particular school for more then 10 years.