2nd anniversary of Nyishi-Apatani Summit

YAZALI, Sep 21: The second anniversary of the Nyishi-Apatani Summit was celebrated with various cultural programmes here on Wednesday.
Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Nyishi Elite Society President Bengia Tolum stressed on the need to strengthen and carry forward the good relationship between Apatanis and Nyishis for development and communal harmony.
Stating that both communities are unavoidable neighbours, he said, “If any problem arises between the communities it should be resolved amicably by the leaders of both the communities.”
Tolum further said that a unity tower would be constructed shortly at Joram to mark the summit and hoped that such programmes would be celebrated as unity festival from next session.
Speaking on the occasion, TSD President, Khoda Ruja emphasized on the need to continue the bond between Nyishi and Apatani communities.
Attending the celebration, Parliamentary Secretary Tage Taki also stressed on unity and harmony among the people of both the communities. He further emphasized on inter-tribe marriage for better cultural and social relationship.
Parliamentary Secretary and local MLA Likha Saaya said that the society will never change until the people change their mindset. While advocating for inter-tribe marriage, Saaya announced to provide cash incentive to those people who opt for inter-tribe marriage between Nyishi and Apatani.
Among others, NES General Secretary Heri Maring, NAS Chairman, Toko Ottu, TSD General Secretary, Tapi Tai and Apatani Youth Association President, Taku Chatung also spoke.
An audio album in Nyishi and Apatani (NAS Volume-1) was also released on the occasion.