MVAC dismisses Dasanglu Pul appeal, to go ahead with bandh

ITANAGAR, Sep 23: A day after Dasanglu Pul came out against the proposed bandh of the Mere Vichaar Andolan Committee (MVAC), the Committee denied the allegations made by her and said that it would go ahead with its 12 hours dawn to dusk Capital Complex bandh on September 25.
Describing the statement of Dasanglu Pul against the MVAC as ridiculous, baseless and misleading, the MVAC demanded that Dasanglu come up with substantial evidence to prove her allegations and statement made against the Committee.
“It is very unfortunate and disturbing that the woman who kept her mouth shut since last eight months even after her husband’s death, was giving ridiculous statement out of nowhere, which is totally baseless and misleading,” the MVAC said.
It also went to allege that “MVAC is of the strong opinion that Mrs Dasanglu Pul must be involved in the death of the people’s Chief Minsiter Lt Kalikho Pul…”
On Friday, Dasanglu, while appealing to the citizens of the Capital Complex to defy the bandh had also hinted that the MVAC was collecting money in the name of getting justice for her husband’s tragic demise.
The MVAC further said that for the last eight months, Dangwimsai Pul (first wife of late Kalikho Pul) and her eldest son Ojingso Pul had been a part of the MVAC movement, demanding justice for late Pul and stepping down of Chief Minister, Pema Khandu, DCM Chowna Mein and Government Spokesperson P D Sona, besides return of Rs 4 crores, which was allegedly taken by Sona from late Pul.
Further, the MVAC said that it condemned the state government in its strongest terms for deliberately misusing government machinery to suppress the voice of the people, which is spearheaded by the MVAC.
The proposed bandh is not first of its kind, the Committee said, adding that the people of the state and government have already witnessed two bandh calls in the recent past.
Meanwhile, Dangwimsai thanked the President’s Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi for its prompt action regarding a petition submitted by her on August 26.
“I submitted a petition addressed to the President of India to look into the allegations of my husband and former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh late Kalikho Pul made in his 60-page note ‘Mere Vichaar’, and to find out the truth that compelled him to commit suicide. The positive response by Rashtrapati Bhavan has reassured my faith to the high office of the President of India.”, said Dangwimsai.
She further informed that the Rashtrapati Bhavan has served a letter to the Joint Secretary-II to the Government of India, Department of Justice to look into the matter.
The MVAC and Dangwimsai appealed to the people of the state to support the proposed bandh on September 25.