Towang Lowangdong Auditorium inaugurated at Borduria

KHONSA, Sep 23: The Towang Lowangdong Auditorium was inaugurated at Borduria on Friday last by Adviser to Chief Minister-cum-57 Borduria-Bogapani MLA, Wanglin Lowangdong.
The auditorium, constructed under the SPA scheme with a total cost of Rs 2.5 crore is dedicated to Towang Lowangdong, who was the founding member of Namsang Borduria Fund (NBF). It is under the aegis of the NBF that the Rama Krishna Sarada Mission Girls’ School, R K Mission School, Naraottamnagar Deomali, Nehru Stadium, Khonsa and Rangsom Hum were established early in the 1950s.
Speaking on the occasion, Lowangdong appreciated land donors Dongwang Tangdong and Techah Tangdong, and lauded the PWD team for completing it within stipulated time.
He also recalled his late father Towang Lowangdong’s contribution as Chief in the 1950s when there were no roads in almost all the districts in erstwhile NEFA, the people of undivided Tirap under the leadership of former Chief of Borduria Towang Lowangdong and former Chief of Namsang Dangwang Lowangdong constructed various link roads from Khonsa to Changlang, Khonsa to Wakka and Khonsa to Pongchau on self help basis.
Lowangdong later informed that Rs 88 crore has already been sanctioned against construction of NH-315A Khonsa to Joypore road and work will start within the current year.
Among others, 56-Khonsa East MLA-cum-Chairman Arunachal Pradesh Medicinal Plant Board Wanglam Sawin, 56-Khonsa West MLA-Tirong Aboh, ADC Techu Aran, Retired DC Phamwang Hosai, HoDs, chiefs, GBs, PRIs, members of Women Society of Borduria and students from Borduria village attended the inaugural programme.