Arunachal Pradesh: Unique flavour of tourism

Dear Editor,
For amazing holidays we need an amazing destination. Arunachal Pradesh offers a very distinct flavour of tourism. Along with the mind-blowing scenic beauty of the eastern Himalayas. Arunachal Pradesh serves a very spicy platter of her cultural diversity. Secluded and hidden from the rest of the world, the state became open for tourism since 1992. After 25 years the state celebrated a gala international tourism day on 27th September 2017, spotted as the paradise for the tourists who seek adventure and thrill.
Arunachal Pradesh really do offers some splendid chroma of ethnology and heritage of respective tribal groups. Home of 26 major tribes and many more sub tribes, scattered in 3649 villages, tribal tourism is one of the vital attraction for the adventure seekers. And the interesting fact is that every tribe displays their own vibrant shade of praxis. These emerald green valleys of eastern Himalayas are civilized with diverse tribal legions. The Wanchos, Khamtis, Singpohs, Adis, Mishmis, Apatanis, Nyishis and many other ancestries has left their mark on this land, and now this is wide open for the cutting edge visitors. The tribal home stay is now a phenomenal opportunity for an exposure to this unique and exclusive tribal style of living.
The Wanchos inhabiting in the south-eastern part of the Tirap district, mesmerises people with their gorgeous headgear and heavy string beaded jewellery. The Vaishnav Noctes along the Indo-Myanmar border of the Changlang district would fascinate visitors with their traditional lifestyle. They are far more divided into sub tribes and exogamous clans. The excellent craftsmen Singpohs prevails along the Siang and Noa Dihing rivers. Agriculturists Khampti tribe occupies the fertile bank of Kamlang, Dihing and Tengapani. Mishmis and Mijis of the Dibang valley district are there to cherish the explorers with their rooted indigenous lifestyle. Hrussos or Akas with their painted face are similar enticing to an explorer’s eye. The traditional Ponung dance of the Adis can contribute an unforgettable chapter in one’s travel diary. The Galos had mastered the awesome art of weaving highly artistic designer clothes specially the popular traditional black and white designer skirt. Thus home stay opportunity with these tribes are gaining momentum and giving a fair acceleration in the Tourism industry of Arunachal Pradesh.
Like the Ziro valley homestay with the Apatani tribes, Zomithang homestay with the Monpas, Nampong homestay near the densely forested Patkai hills are alluring enough to attract good number of tourists each year. So if one desires to learn how a tribal kitchen looks like or how does a chicken gets cooked inside a bamboo shell. How does a tribal dance feels around a luminous bonfire at night near a dense tropical forest, Arunachal Pradesh has to be a sure destination. For excitements and goosebumps, for adrenaline and peace mind for spicing up the vacation, for ultimate joy and exploration, Arunachal Pradesh welcomes the entire world with wide open arm.
Dr Biplab Tripathy, Assistant Professor, Arunachal University of Studies
Subhechya Raha, Student, M.Sc Madras University