Rationalization of teachers

Monday Musing

[ Ranjit Sinha ]

Even though Arunachal Pradesh is doing its best in the education sector, it has been observed that government policies received a setback due to several factors, including lack of long-term vision and proper coordination among the stakeholders.
And the latest one, which irritated the teaching community and students most, is the policy for rationalizing the posting of teachers in the mid-academic session.
Even though the concerned Director of Elementary Education had clarified that there are adequate teachers in all schools and only excess teachers have been transferred from various schools across the state and that trained graduate teachers have been pulled out as per norms, the teachers rationalization process continues to draw flak.
Demanding postponement of district transfer and posting of teachers till completion of academic session, the Central Executive Committee of Arunachal Teachers Association had said that the inter-district transfer of teachers in the mid session is directly hampering the continuity of academic career of the students. It, however, suggested that a suitable mechanism be evolved for posting of only 50 teachers in one go as per the requirement worked out.
Even the students’ organizations in most of the districts are also not ready to buy the government argument. Requesting the government to postpone inter-district transfer, the Apatani Students Union said that rationalization process is irrational as it is affecting both teachers and students during mid-session.
Ironical as it is, one national teacher awardee was greeted with a transfer order. TGT Kangkep Perme, one amongst the 250 national award winners, said he was not against the rationalization, but against the timing of transfer. “I am being transferred when parents and students were showering praises on me for my national level achievement,” rued Perme.
It is observed the teachers are not against the rationalization of posting, but are against the transfers in the mid session as the ATA already said it had welcomed the free and fair rationalization of district transfer and posting of teachers as per deadline given to the government, but opposed the government’s move for district transfer and posting in one go in mid academic session.
Since the half-yearly examination of the students is soon approaching, it is time for the concerned department to ensure that government rationalization process should not blight the academic career of students in the mid-academic session.