Roads partially opened

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Over 24 hours later, the road to Dirang was made open for light vehicles on Sunday at around 12.20 PM.
Sources informed that the GREF had to blast the large boulders out of the way to create a path for at least SUV sized vehicles to pass through.
Currently, only one car at a time can pass through the cleared area.
On Saturday, a massive rockslide blocked the 5 Mile area between Bomdila and Dirang at around 10.30 AM on Saturday, cutting off surface communication.
Meanwhile, official sources informed that the road near Hoj has also been restored. However, to be on the safer side, travellers from Itanagar have been advised to opt for other routes, including the Kimin road.
A culvert near about five kilometres away from Hoj was completed washed away on Saturday night.