Lohit DA gears up to beautify Tezu town

TEZU, Oct 4: Lohit Deputy Commissioner Karma Leki called a meeting on Wednesday to discuss on issues related to cleanliness and beautification of Tezu town.
The DC asked Bazaar Committee members Moso Shiba and Chang Tayang to instruct all the shopkeepers to keep dustbins in their respective shops and to load the dustbins in sanitation trucks themselves.
“This will create a sense of responsibility and bring much needed behavioral change for cleanliness and hygienic surrounding”, he felt.
Also, it was decided to streamline fish and meat shops in the market as haphazard arrangements of fish and meat shops is a health hazard and unhygienic.
To ensure uniform rate of fish and meat, a four member committee has been formed to fix the rates in the market.
Further, doctors will be entrusted with routine checking of fish and meat quality in the market on regular basis. This will end sale of stale meat or fish which is not fit for human consumption.
Necessary penalties will be imposed if any shopkeeper fails to comply with necessary procedures, the DC warned.
The DC has also appealed to all the households of Tezu town and nearby areas to use dustbins and contribute in making Tezu clean and beautiful.
DSP James Kabang Lego, Town Magistrate Duyu Ribya, Deputy Director UD, CO (Dev), branch officers and bazaar committee members were also present in the meeting.