Contractor association cry foul

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 6: In a letter to the Chief Minister, the Government Registered Contractor Association (GRCA) on Friday alleged that contract work to construct the RCC retaining wall, boundary wall at the Civil Secretariat building at a cost of approximately Rs 6.90 crore in Itanagar has been illegally awarded to B B Enterprise, owned by one Bengia Bado through a Notice Inviting Tender on April 10, 2017.
The Association claimed that it was illegal as the contractor possessed multiple Permanent Residential Certificates (PRC) for Koloriang, Yupia and Itanagar, adding that he did not have the right to participate in the tender process at Itanagar as a resident of Koloriang.
This, they said was in violation of the Arunachal Pradesh District Based Entrepreneur and Profession Rule, 2015.
Saying that a contractor could not work from two different districts, the Association claimed that a fire station in Koloriang was currently under construction by Bado’s B B Enterprise.
The Association also claimed that Bado surrendered his “fake and forged documents and PRCs” after the members complained against it.
Meanwhile, Bado clarified that he has the documents to prove that he is a permanent resident of Itanagar and that he had already surrendered the PRC of Koloriang.
On the fire station construction at Koloriang, Bado said that it was being undertaken by one Karbu Bengia through his firm’s name, and that he was not directly involved in the work.
He asked the GRCA members to approach the court if they believe that their case is genuine, and said that he would file a defamation case against the Association if it failed to substantiate its allegations with concrete proof of cheating them.
He said that the names of the officials are also being dragged in unnecessarily, when all they did was follow procedure.