The security of our land

Dear Editor,
India, no doubt since the ages has whole heartedly welcomed the outsiders. History tells us how different invaders came and ruled us. Some embraced us and others crossed all the inhuman ways to control us and our resources. Yet as our Indian tradition is, “Atiti Devo Bhaba”, we welcome outsiders till this day. Yes, legally everyone is welcomed to our land and according to one’s own ability could earn and should live a peaceful life.
But it is for the outsiders to understand, it is for the Government to see that we shall never compromise with the security of our land. Our precious land which our forefathers has preserved for us yesterday is what we are also preserving for our future generations, obviously not for outsiders. It is a very simple thing.
India, already burdened with its huge population, yet when we are ready to share our other resources, why try to grab our land? Therefore, anything or anyone who is posing a threat to the peace or security to our land shall never be entertained. Sadly, we see among us who is speaking for the cause of those outsiders on the basis of “Humanity”.
Could they adjust them on their own house? No, never.
The world could be “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” meaning the whole world is one family and also the noble ideas of the Great Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore could be applied today if only there is a respect for the sentiments of each other.
We can shelter a guest only for some nights.
Who is noble enough to donate him one’s own land?
Henbi Ada,
Ego Rigo,