‘Create 200 posts for preserving dialects of Abo Tani clan’

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Arunachal Pradesh Abo-Tani Clan Youth Organization (APATCYO), All Abo-Tani Students Union (AACSU) and Tani Foundation (TAFOT) have in a joint representation to the Minister of Education, Libraries and Economic and Statistics on Monday, sought creation of 200 numbers of language teachers for the tribes belonging to Abo-Tani clan of the state.
The organizations have sought creation of 55 posts for Nyishi dialect, 45 posts each for Galo and Adi dialects, 20 posts each for Tagin and Apatani dialects and 5 posts for Mishing dialect.
‘There is an urgent need for recognition of these languages as third language in the state and its introduction in the educational institutions as third language’, the organizations stated adding that the government also needs to promote the Abo Tani dialects like it has done to preserve Bhoti language in the state.
It further stated that promotion of the language should be done through proper mechanism by imparting it in the schools and colleges. ‘Only sanctioning post and executing it through department of indigenous faith will not serve the purpose’, it claimed.