ISBT and Garbage

Dear Editor,
I would like to ask the concerned authority that after the inauguration of the ISBT, why the buses are still plying in between Itanagar and Naharlagun? I thought that after the inauguration, the route for all the buses should be from Lekhi towards Bander-dewa making the internal traffic less congested, but to everybody’s surprise, all the buses are still plying in the same routes making the roads more congested.
What was the point of investing so much in the making of ISBT?
In twin capital of our state, we have many self made dumping grounds created by the citizens as per convenience.
For last many days and months, the government is trying their best to remove all the self made garbage dumping ground by constructing resting sheds.
The Government is taking a very good initiative by constructing the sheds but what about the garbage? Where are we supposed to dump the garbage as the IMC trucks only collects the garbage twice or thrice in a week. It hardly collects the garbage from doorsteps. Construction of sheds won’t answer this problem rather place big garbage bins so that people can directly dump the garbage on these bins and from there the IMC trucks can take it away every alternate days.
A citizen