Follow Raj Dharma while resolving Chakma Hajong Issue

Dear Editor,
Chakma National Council of India (CNCI) the apex organization spearheading the rights of the Chakmas in India has urged the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu to stop his malicious propaganda of projecting all Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh as criminals.
Mongering hate towards the Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh across the state and categorizing them as criminals – is now long past its sell-by-date, and it would really be irrational of the Chief Minister to think that this agenda of his would really be of any help in the present time and also in the future to his overall cause of solving the vexed Chakma issue. Had the CM stood by its oath of Raj Dharma, he would have easily seen that the Chakma community has been one of the most peaceful and peace loving community in the country.
The fact that Chakma community has been unquestionably loyal to India before and after the partition though the Chakmas have suffered due to partition and decision of the then Indian leaders, the Chakmas remained forever loyal and peaceful. In spite of being exploited, harassed and discriminated for the last half a century, their fight for legitimate right has always been through the court of law and democratic processes and the Chakmas as a community has never promoted violence or illegality as a means of fighting for their rights.
Several politicians and students leaders with selfish interests have unfairly accused the Chakma community of illegal forest area encroachment however their attention is never drawn to how it must feel to be swept away in the fury of the Noa-Dihing River and become homeless and landless in a night. Every year Chakmas has been losing vast areas of their land in the flood caused by the Noa Dihing River but their persistent requests to rehabilitate them and construct fences has fallen on deaf ears.
The citizenship issue of the Chakmas and Hajongs of Arunachal Pradesh has lingered on for so long and has somehow all this while proved to be a goldmine for several students leaders and politicians and which is why they have never allowed it to die down albeit at the monumental cost of the people of Arunachal Pradesh being painfully distanced from inclusive growth and development that mainstream India have come to witness over the years. It’s a high time the Chief Minister takes a lead and solves the issue once for and all by following the Central Government in granting the citizenship with all its legitimate rights as per the Honourable Supreme Court Verdict.
Chakmas constitutes just around 3% of the total population in the state of Arunachal and it will be foolish to reason that 3 % of Chakmas can change the demographics of the whole state. It would be unwise if the CM failed to catch the true vein of what the people of Arunachal Pradesh want; if at all he needs some pointers or rather a heads-up – peace and prosperity are what the people of Arunachal Pradesh want, therefore the CM and other vested interest parties should let the Chakmas be contributing partner for a developed and progressive Arunachal Pradesh.
Prahlad Chakma
Vice President – Publicity and
Chakma National Council of India