Positive discrimination

Dear Editor,
We all know that the Christianity is the world’s largest religion with over 33% of world’s population following it. Considering the fact that there are approximately 7.5 billion souls alive today, the followers of Christianity would be around 2.5 billion worldwide. On the contrast, the followers of Indigeneous faith in Arunachal would be at most, say 17 lakhs many of whom are now contend following other major world religions. We all know that whereas Christianity is a world religion, Indigeneous faith is a local one. We all know that whereas the former is a growing religion, the latter is a dying one- just like our mother tongues are on the verge of extinction. We all know that whereas the followers of Christianity have international, global access and infrastructures to meet their economic needs, the followers of Indigenous faith in Arunachal is an orphan in that sense.
So when a Department for Indigenous Faith and Culture is so compassionately formed, it is not to discriminate one faith over the other. It is just a humble attempt to preserve and promote the traditional culture and faith of the land.
In my humble opinion, the true followers of Christianity should welcome this. Opposing the creation of the DIFCA is just like opposing the Reservation of seats for ST/SC/OBCs- terming it as discriminatory against the wealthy, influential upper class, Caste sections of India. But we all know that it is not a discrimination at all, it is just a protective, “Positive discrimination”. It is an arduous attempt to save a dying language, a dying culture of our own.
Dite Pertin