Noise and IG Park

Dear Editor,
This month the people of C-2 sector Itanagar living around IG Park is suffering a lot due to enormous noises caused by various events organised by different groups or union.
a human being can resist noise upto some limit and when it exceeds the limit, its causes number of problems including psychological-lack of mental peace, reckless behaviour, mood swings, lack of concentration.
The events which some people are celebrating in IG Park may be for a good cause but prolong celebration is irritating. From morning 7AM-11.30 PM and sometimes 12 is really frustrating. There is no peace at home. Many sick people, toddler, old people just want to catch a peaceful sleep and students who wants to study but lack concentration as it is really too hard to focus.
I too myself have really become aggressive and lack concentration due to this prolonged events.
Throughout the day someone or the other will be speaking or singing with the loudest speaker.
The noise is so much so that when they play music it echoes throughout the house and when the music is with the base everything shakes including window, table, bed, doors etc as if the house is going to collapse. It’s really becoming too hard to handle.
Therefore, we request the event organisers on the humanitarian ground to have mercy on us. If possible reduce the sound and days of the event and the timing of the event.
We would like to request the protector of law and order to check the decibel and the time.
Resident of C-2 sector