Mere symbols of the nation

Dear Editor,
It is simply bizarre to notice how the patriots who do not care a bit when the human rights of innumerable Indians and God-resembling vulnerable children get religiously and mercilessly trampled under marauding feet of the vested interests, promptly get “insulted” if some of their fellow citizens do not merely stand up when national anthem gets played in theatres or the tricolour gets unfurled in the “wrong” way!
When an united fight against the menace of corruption-casteism-communalism–racism-hunger-malnutrition-illiteracy-child labour-bonded labour-human trafficking should have remained the urgent call of the hour so as to make a humanitarian nation; Indians are pathetically squandering its precious time, energy and resource to debate over “sanctity” of flags and anthems which are nothing but mere symbols of the nation!
Kajal Chatterjee,