Come up with an amicable solution

Dear Editor,
This is in response to recent development in the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service combined competitive preliminary exam.
Demand of RGU students, candidates selected for IBPS mains and AAPSU’s fight against the candidature of Chakmas appear genuine.
In the same breath, interest of many serious candidates can’t be ignored. Commission should come up with an amicable solution as soon as possible. Because many government employees have sought leave exclusively for this exam.
Moreover, many candidates residing in the districts are abandoning their plan to give UGC NET exam (5 Nov) to avoid last minute journey and more importantly to save every energy and time for the prelims.
There are lots of hidden arrangements and sacrifices attached with the combined exam. Commission should be aware of that.
However, whatever might be the decision of Commission we have no choice but to abide by it.
In this regard, I request Commission to give a concrete official statement with respect to conduct of preliminary exam as early as possible so that the serious candidate can make their strategy as per the need of hour.
This gesture of commission will not only give solace to all the serious candidates but also shut down the voices that are cropping up from various quarters.
Rokpen Gali,