Let the APPSC decide

Dear Editor,
I highly appreciate the concerns of AAPSU for the youth of the state and bringing the issue of Chakma candidates in the list. It certainly needs to be rectified (ref.“AAPSU objects to inclusion of Chakma candidates in APPSCCE” 27th Oct 2017)
However, I would like to put forth following points:
1. I believe the issue should be left to the Commission for further appropriate action. The point made by the commissioner, “that the documents of the candidates are not scrutinized for the preliminary examinations and the machine reads the OMR sheet”, is genuine and could be easily rectified in process.
2. All concern must refrain from blowing the issue out of proportion and thereby not jeopardizing the future of many candidates. If the matter goes to the judiciary, it would definitely take years, which will be harassment for all.
3. Regarding the ‘demand of extension of date’ I think decision should be left to the Commission without unnecessarily pressurizing. Fixing a date is important because we cannot hold on to one exam for years. There are other candidates who are waiting for the next notification.
4. “There will always be some, or the other exam for some people”. It is important to decide our priorities. This way, it would very difficult to conduct exam. Because extending the dates would result into wastage of resources and effort that is put in for the scheduled date.
Lastly, we criticize APPSC every chance we get, but the problem does not lay solely with the Commission, but with us too. We want APPSC to conduct the exam every year, but, we don’t let it decide the dates of the exam and the rules. Owing to easy accessibility, everyone and anyone would go and put a demand on his whims. I believe, we should definitely generate public opinion and constructive criticisms. But, we should have faith, and let the benevolent, learned and experienced authorities of the APPSC to make the final decision.