Org demands NH construction as per notification

ITANAGAR, Oct 31: In a memorandum to the Chief Minister, the All Itanagar Youth Welfare Association (AIYWA) on Tuesday, appealed to him to direct the National Highway and Public Works Department to carry out road widening work as per notification issued by the Land Management Department, GoAP by widening the existing two-lane to four-lane of NH-52A from Itanagar to Banderdewa within 30 meters in the built up area for the proposed four-lane highway project.
The association alleged that present road widening is not being carried out according to the notification issued on 2 March, 2016 by the Secretary (Land Management) GoAP.
‘Only 12.5 metre to 12 meter widening has been done in most places, which is complete violation of the government notification’, it claimed and appealed to the CM to constitute third party monitoring and vigilance to prevent mismanagement of fund.