Scrap Phanchung HEP or face rigorous movement: IDAPF to govt

SEPPA, Oct 31: The Immediate Downstream Affected Peoples’ Forum, (IDAPF) has cautioned the state government, asking it to either scrap the Phanchung HEP (46MW) over Pachi River, East Kameng or face rigorous democratic movement.
The Forum, which has been opposing development of two hydroelectric projects within a span of just one kilometre, has once again submitted a letter to the East Kameng Deputy Commissioner to stop further hydro-power activities over the Pachi River.
The proposed project is just one kilometre away from Tallong Londa HEP (226MW) over Kameng River.
“Existence of two dams within a span of just one kilometre is an insane decision by the state government.
It will pose serious threat to environment, create health hazards and displace human settlement,” said IDAPF Advisor, Doyak Singhi.
“We will continue our fight until the government scraps the Phanchung HEP,” he said.
The IDAPF had imposed social boycott on August 2016 in the area to express its strong resentment over the adamant attitude of the government.
While deciding to intensify its movement against the proposed HEP, the IDAPF criticized the state government for signing MoUs for development of 24 hydro electric projects in the rivers of East Kemeng district alone.
The huge numbers of HEP in East Kameng, if developed, will extensively damage the river system and living beings, beside posing great danger to the demographic pattern of the district and state as a whole, said IDAPF Chairman, Lota Singhi during the post social boycott public meeting.
He demanded reduction in the numbers of dams in the district for the welfare of the people and the environment.