IG Park and noise

Dear Editor,
This is regarding the recent event organized by the Abotani Clan Organisation (ATCO) at IG Park.
While ATCO is claiming itself to be a torchbearer organisation, ironically, they organised their own historic foundation programme so irresponsibly that we had to wish their 7 days long event ends soon. In the heart of a city like Itanagar, it’s not wise to play loudspeakers in the loudest volume till the 12 of midnight, just in the name of celebration. They succeeded in disturbing sleeps of thousands of families dwelling around the park. Moreover, many students like me preparing for very crucial examinations due in this month were also deprived of the atmosphere for the whole precious 7 days, all thanks to their unending loud speakers. Such irresponsible acts only prove that they believe more in entertainment and limelight rather than the true welfare of the society and the students.
Right from the 25th of October till the 31st of the same month, they have been playing extremely loud music from those numerous loud speakers all day and night long. To add to the woes, their cultural event anchor was only yelling to the top of her shrill voice. Their volume was so high that our walls were literally vibrating and we could not even hear our own family members.
In a condition like that, the lives of all the dwellers around the vicinity of the park were just reduced to a hell. We were just praying for the early completion of the event. As a privileged citizen in a civilised society, we have the every right to spend our evening without putting ear plugs every day. It’s really unfortunate that often we are left to the mercy and wrath of these irresponsible and uneducated event organisers.
Can’t we have any regulations regarding the timings and noise level of the events in IG Park? Or should we leave that all to the whims and fancies of those wild organisers?
As the summer passed, thousands of such events are coming up bringing along thousands of sleepless nights. I, on behalf of all the aggrieved residents, strongly appeal to the District Administration to interfere in this matter and regulate these wild events.
Instead of IG Park, let the organisers book some good soundproof auditoriums which will avoid such inconveniences of noise pollution. If the attendance is huge enough, then let the event be conducted outside the city limits.
Lastly, since the Municipal body of the city is almost nonexistent and non functional, District Administration is our only hope against this harassment of noise pollutions in IG park. Let’s make this city a better and healthier place to live in.