BWS demands action

ITANAGAR, Nov 3: The Bengia Welfare Society (BWS) has urged the state police to apprehend the culprits involved in the alleged physical assault on one of its clan members, Dr Bengia Nyer and on another man who was trying to intervene to defuse the incident without any provocations on October 31 last.
Condemning the incident, the BWS claimed that the incident occurred on October 31 when an i20 car overtook the car of victim Dr Bengia Nyer from the wrong side at Niti Vihar in Itanagar at around 11.45 am. When Dr Nyer reacted, the man driving the i20 car and three other occupants got down and allegedly started hurling abusive and provocative words at him.
“The main person yet again went back to the i20 car, took out a large local doa (machete) and with it started physically assaulting Dr Nyer. One Techi Tapa, who tried to reason with them, was also mercilessly assaulted with dao, leaving severe injuries to his body thus making even the innocent onlooker as victim of the savage act,” the Society added.
Informing that an FIR has been lodged in the Itanagar Police Station by victim Dr Bengia Nyer, the Society said that culprit(s) need to be arrested at the earliest.
The Society also expressed serious concern over the reckless and rash driving in the state capital. “Unless we put a check on such traffic violations and road rages, we can’t expect peace and security in the Capital Complex,” the Society said.
However, the BWS appealed its clan members to maintain peace and let law take its course of action.