Royal touch

Dear Editor,
The Bhutanese King JigmeKhesarNamgyalWangchuk, Queen Jetsun Pema and their cute little son Prince JigmeNamgyelWangchuk are presently undergoing a State visit to India. Their pictures not only freshen up the mind and soul; this Bhutanese connection also impart an education as well. Not only is the King extremely gentle, polite and humble; his father had voluntarily relinquished the throne so as to welcome democracy in Bhutan! I doubt whether such an unique sacrifice on the part of Royals have ever been witnessed in the history of the world. During my visit to Bhutan a couple of years ago, I noticed a large mansionfrom a Thimphu cliff, I thought that it was the residence of Bhutan royals! I got rectified by our guide and came to know that it is actually the seat of Bhutanese Government! When I asked where the King lives, the guide pointed out few cottages near the Dzong. It was indeed an eye-opener for Indians like us who are habituated on viewing the luxurious and opulent life styles of the politicians, rich and those possessing “blue blood” in their veins. No less than the King of Bhutan leads such simple lifestyle!
Most of the countries(specially in so-called Third World) desire to achieve “development” and “modernity” by catering to the influential rich and playing to the gallery of “highest statue”, “tallest flag”, superfast trains and “smart cities” for the elite nouveau-riche, statistical jargons like “high rate of growth” and Sensex, gala sporting extravaganza etc. by sweeping all concerns for the downtrodden and common population under the “patriotic” carpet!