NWA urges women to play pivotal role

KHONSA, Nov 3: Nocte Women Association (NWA) Chairperson Chasuam Wangchadong called upon the Nocte women to play a pivotal role for wellbeing of the society.
Addressing a gathering of women at the annual conference of the NWA at the Circuit House, she said women are the symbol of positive change in the society and can raise many issues , including domestic violence and other social issues for promotion of peace and unity through the NWA.
Chakat Aboh, wife of Khonsa West MLA Tirong Aboh, also urged the Nocte women to stand together in all the social issues that require immediate attention.
In her address, ZPC Sontung Bangsia urged the women to be strong in their hearts and march towards building a better Nocte society.
NWA President, Litcha Socia and secretary Nyilom Wangsu also appealed for unity amongst the Nocte women in particular and women of Tirap district in general.
Women representatives from 45 Nocte villages attended the programme.