Event on women friendly agri equipment

ITANAGAR, Nov 5: With a mission to impart first hand information on agricultural tools and equipment in tribal areas, the Department of Agriculture Engineering, NERIST organised demonstration cum awareness programme on ‘Women-friendly Agricultural Tools and Equipment in Tribal Areas’.
The programme was held in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India on November 2 and 4 at Kimin and Laptap under Papum Pare district.
At Kimin, Dr T Patel and Dr P K Pranav delivered lectures through audio-visual mode on safety, health and economic benefits of improved tools and equipment in agriculture, and imparted knowledge to at least 54 women farmers from various villages under Kimin circle.
Several farm machineries, such as package of paddy cultivation (Transplanter, drum seeder, vertical conveyor reaper, improved sickle, pedal threshers, weeder) orange harvesters, safety gadgets for dao, maizesheller, etc were displayed and explained about to the farmers.
Paddy harvesting by vertical conveyor reaper and paddy threshing methods were demonstrated in the paddy field.
Later, maizesheller and improved sickle were also distributed to all participants.
A similar programme was conducted at Laptap village under Toru Circle on November 4 last, where the Deputy Director (Development), Department of Agriculture highlighted the significant contributions of women in agriculture and allied sectors despite household activities.
He also appreciated the role of NERIST and Vigyan Prasar in conducting such important activities at remote villages.
NERIST Registrar, Dr R P Bhattachrjee opined that income of famers can be improved and is only possible by using improved tools and equipment.