Parl Sec Jambey Tashi on annual development tour

LUMLA, Nov 5: Parliamentary Secretary for RWD, Jambey Tashi laid emphasis on collective progress and called on the people to rise above petty differences and work hand in glove for social, cultural and economic development of the district and state.
He said this during a public meeting on Sunday as he continued to make an annual development tour of his constituency.
Tashi also spoke in length about the schemes, themes and objectives of the Bharatiya Janata Party.
“The government, under able leaderships in the centre and the state, has rolled out multiple schemes for the unemployed youth, backward classes and the downtrodden, but unfortunately the masses are oblivious of the schemes”, Tashi said, adding that people need to clasp the opportunity with both hands and avail the benefits.
Responding to a memorandum presented by various villagers, he pledged to look into their grievances at the earliest.
Tashi has been on an annual development tour of his constituency since November 1 last. He has already visited Pemakhar, Thonglek, Sakyur, Thrillam and Mangnam villages, and interacted with the villagers to garner first-hand input of the hardships faced by them.
Jambey was accompanied by Lumla ADC R D Thungon, HoDs and public leaders. (Tawang Vigilance)