Reckless creation of districts

Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Monday announced the creation of a new district in the name of Lepa Rada curving out 29th Basar (ST) assembly constituency from the newly created Lower Siang district. This announcement comes just days after government of Arunachal created Kamle district taking the total number of districts in the state to 23. Already the demand for several news districts is growing with each passing days. The state government should be careful while examining the demand for new districts.
Formation of districts without any proper planning will create chaos and hurt the sentiment of the people. New districts should be formed after minutely analyzing every aspect. It should not be formed based on political clamoring. Going by the present trend in future every single assembly constituency will become district which is not feasible. Also in several instances the creation of new districts is seeding deep division among fellow tribesmen which is detrimental for the future. The State Government should avoid creating district on tribe basis. By agreeing to the demand for formation of districts like Kamle and now Lepa Rada, the state government has opened a flood gate. This reckless practice of creating new districts has to end at the earliest.