Rescued animals and zoo

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to share my views regarding the rescue of animals By the Forest Department and later handing the rescued animals to the Itanagar Zoo .
I would like to request the concerned authorities of the Forest Departments not to hand over the rescued animals to the Itanagar Zoo.
Instead the animals should be released back into the deep forest.
This is the only way we can help them in a better way and also preserve them naturally.
To Take away their freedom by introducing the animals to cages / confined areas for the rest of their life is horrible & sad .
As the rescued animals are mostly from the wild environment and where as when they are kept in confined areas or in cages they start to suffer a lot as I’ve myself witnessed it in several occasions whenever I visit the Zoo.
Also we all know about the sad reality of zoo and the pathetic condition of the animals confined inside the Itanagar Zoo.
So i request the concerned officials not to hand over the rescued animals to the zoo.

Likha Tara