BasCon festival ends on a positive note

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The two-day Basar confluence festival, aimed at bringing artists from around the country to celebrate the traditional culture and contemporary arts, came to end at the sublime confluence of Hie and Kidi River at Basar on Nov 5 last. True to its name the festival saw the confluence of art and culture with around two hundred performers from different states like Sikkim, Manipur, Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Uttar Pradesh participating.
Cultural troupes from Arunachal on the other hand hogged the limelight with dancers from different tribes exhibiting their culture which included the Monpas, the Singphos, the Noctes, the Wanchos, the Adis and the Galos.
The festival also saw well known performers like Guru Rewben Mashangva from Manipur, Omak Komut Collective from Arunachal, Band of Hurricane Girls and Simanta Shekhar from Assam and other homegrown artists like Gemo Diyum and Dobom Doji.
The first day also featured heart rending Theatre “Ache Tanyo” directed by noted NSD alumni Riken Ngomle and assisted by Goge Bam.
The Festival also saw participation from the Chief Minister Pema Khandu who on realizing the merit of the festival has promised to lend support to it financially till such time as it is accorded the status of an official tourism calendar event.
Gumin Rego Kilaju (GRK) with its agenda of afforestation and natural rejuvenation had a stall of “Tea for Tree” which was a big hit with the revellers. Also delighting the revellers was the APASA (Arunachal Pradesh Aero Sports Association) with their offering of whirlwind tour of Basar on Air by the sidelines of Bascon.
What makes Basar Confluence unique is the manner in which the whole community of Basar puts its heart out and comes together to prepare for and organize the festival. GRK under the aegis of which the festival is organised had its hands full with its village level committees putting in hundreds of man-hours into the preparations.
The festival is an attempt to pull in tourists from across the country and otherwise exhibits the cultural and traditional heritage of the ethnic tribes at the festival. The demonstration of Traditional Sports, the depiction of life of Abo Tani and descendants at Live Museum, the arrangement of Traditional Community Fishing and serving of traditional food at stalls were just a few examples.
Among others, Deputy Speaker Legislative Assembly, Tumke Bagra, Home Minister, Kumar Waii, Chairman APEDA and MLA Aalo East, Jarkar Gamlin, Nari Koyu MLA, Kento Rina, MLA Basar, Gojen Gadi, BJP State President, Tapir Gao, Galo Welfare Society President, Dr Nitum Boje and General Secretary Dr Minge Loyi attended the festival.