Arunachal – priorities at a glance

Dear Editor,
After a long struggle, the state of Arunachal Pradesh came into existence with the wishes of the people. Now, it is our duty to build our state as a New Arunachal on the wings of developments. So, our government is elected on the mandate of development. Besides, the state is a diverse land with different terrains and cultures dominating different landscapes. The schemes are therefore needed to reflect in policy, planning and implementation according to the political concept of democracy. Therefore, the role of the state government comes under critical scrutiny because democracy can turn into tyranny if there is no criticism.
Good governance leading to a competent management of the economy is the first prerequisite to empower the poor.
For this, all the Govt’s first priority is to focus on the schemes so that necessary help can reach to the poor through targeted govt’s subsidies. For this, a stable govt and dynamic leadership are required to implement the schemes. The magnitudes of the schemes are very important and we need to move short-term and populist solution. For this, the first thing needs a change of mindset in government. Change will not come easily. A new effort with the right policy should be adopted. It is time for us to understand this as our own interest because the truth is that uncaring societies are always unstable.
Our fundamental problem is the economy which is directly related to the interest of the poor and common public and to provide them the right opportunities to bring them above poverty line.
As objective assessment reveals that when overall economic growth are high, the poor are benefitted. With this in view, the government must adopt new missions on Agriculture, Education and Health Services with the aim of tripling the above scheme growth rate in the state. Govt, therefore has to frame proper policy of development to cope up with the change in present scenario of the state. It is needed to act in close coordination to achieve success of the plans and programmes.
In this context, grand announcement of a welfare scheme to distribute grains and cereals through a subsidised scheme under Public Distribution System (PDS) has to be properly adopted. It should be effectively expanded to rural districts by identifying its exact beneficiaries through unique identity base Aadhaar Card.
In addition to development Scheme, political concept of democracy is also an important agenda to resolve our future disputes and self determination through philosophy of non-violence and spiritual value of tolerance.
Our view is that the rulers must respond to the will of the people to resolve all issues without denying the legal right of the people of the state. Because solving any disputes by force cannot bring a peaceful solution rather destruction of both sides. So the ongoing trouble in Arunachal should be dealt with politically and everything cannot be managed within judicial parameters. People always go from pillar to post trying to get their justice. Because they want their cultures and identity to be protected. action to be guided by the principle of democracy. We therefore, should work as a Arunachal Team to take forward the state on the part of developments. We should not play politics when it comes to developments of the state.
C I Mannou,
Rtd Principal,