Tirap DC asks parents to send their children in Govt schools

KHONSA, Nov 17: Tirap Deputy Commissioner P N Thungon has called upon the parents to sent their children at government schools which has trained teachers and save the huge expenditure incurred in private institutions.
He was speaking at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Thinsa Govt. Secondary School on Thursday.
It is not the school or the infrastructure which is important but the commitment of the students and the guidance of teachers and parents which are intricate for moulding the children, he said adding that most of the government servants and officers have come up from the government schools.
Thungon paid homage to VLW Late Betharam Borah who taught non-formal education in Assamese medium and Pitaram Bora, the first teacher posted at Thinsa village in 1966.
The DC also urged PRIs, Chiefs and parents of the children to have their children immunized at their nearest health centre and maintain health cards compulsorily.
He further directed DDSE to issue order to all BEOs, Principal, CRCs, CRCCs, Headmaster under Tirap District to motivate the parents to immunize their children and health cards should be insisted during the school admission. The children without health cards shall not be admitted in school in the district, he said.
While responding to the memorandum submitted by the school headmaster, DDSE Pubi Lombi said that since his joining in the district, he has pursuing the government for immediate posting of subject teachers (Hindi & Mathematics) against Govt. Secondary School, Thinsa but the teachers are yet to be posted. He further said that he has been pursuing for text books of different classes in the district.
The DC also released a souvenir “chhuachhey” (rainbow) to commemorate the golden jubilee of the school.