An appeal to the learned elders

Dear Editor,
A question to all the learned elders.
Do you genuinely think it is the mistake of our younger generations that they are unaware of their own traditional ways of conducting any customary rituals, their inability to count back self-origin beyond a few generation, their incapability to recite any oral history like ‘MIIRIS’, their failure to deliver inherited folk songs in local dialects, their ignorance regarding ancestral games & sports, their helplessness to weave own traditional attires, their unawareness of ancestral methods of time-honoured healing methods &the indigenous plants used for the same and possession of very little knowledge about traditional folklores & beliefs?
As per as I feel, the learned elders may have to shoulder the blame.
Our own next generation Management students, who can train themselves about innumerable etiquettes and manners of the entire globe from Organizational behaviour to Hospitality Communications, will it be tough for them to master the limited ways of conducting traditional rituals when required??
Our own next generation History students, who can deliver ancestral lists of countless Kings and Queens from different eras and place, will it be hard for them to count back a limited generation of their own ?
Our own next generation Science students, who can memorize & recite back hundreds of bio-synthesis cycles of important chemical compounds, will it be tough for them to recite oral history consisting a limited data??
Our own next generation Fine Arts students, who can rehearse different Indian classical music forms, will it be difficult for them to sing inherited folk songs in local dialect???
Our own next generation Sportpersons in different arenas who compete in global scale, will it be an impossible task for them to expertise in ancestral games & sports?
Our own next generation Fashion students, who conceive& creates scores of fashionable cloth lines, will it be complicated for them to learn weaving own traditional attires?
Our own next generation Ayurvedic & Allied students, who master countless healing methods of Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Tibetian etc and also memorizes tons of medicinal plants, will it be tricky for them to learn our own inherited ways of healing?
Our own next generation Literature students, who are enlighten with works of uncountable writers from across many eras, will it be complicated for them to gain knowledge of our own Folklores & beliefs???
The answer to all of the above is a big No.
Then, where is the crux???
In addition, do the learned elders genuinely think, by just witnessing once in a while during local festivals which comes once in a year, our young generations can master all the above in a jiffy?
Certainly not!
Therefore, it is an unsaid appeal to all the learned elders, who genuinely possess the abovementioned gems to please document, compile and streamline the vast chest of treasure in a globally recognised & standardized scientific methods, so that the fruits can be reaped by many generations to come. Just keeping it to self & gathering flattery during occasional traditional social congregation will do good to none.
I volunteer to be a part of the ordeal if beckoned.
Siyang Borang