Its failed ethics and degradation of morals

Dear Editor,
This is in response to “An outsider’s account of Arunachal” by Ajay T Joseph.
One should know better than to paint your personal matter into communal colour of tribal and non tribal. That’s what corrupt politician does, talking of which; has any of the politician approached you with a corrupt agenda.
Reflection of our society in hospitality and accommodating is reflected in ever increasing proportion of non tribals in the state from 0 to 40 per cent of population within 50 years.
This is a state wherein you shall find none an instance of Prevention of Atrocities SC ST Act ever put to use; you could as well make a history. Have you ever enquired with your tribal counterparts of their remuneration in private institute? 1.79 lakh is three years salary for many of them though no less qualified than you. Have you until recently been through any of the newspaper where every other advertisement for job, required non APST as qualification? And yet you ridiculously claim otherwise and yes they do dare this with us. Its failed ethics and degradation of morals not bounded to tribal or non tribal identity.
You may have been right with all morality to claim Rs 1.79 lakh for a couple of months coaching in the said institute but dragging whole community into it is out rightly misgiving.
Law is same for the country, There is police station for such grievances, there is section 415/420 IPC to help you. But in all your rational judgment and fairness you found it better to play blame game than to register a case against the institute, yet you call you are an educator.
Dave Bole