Expert committee to conduct indepth study on L/Subansiri HE Project

Staff reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 27: Following the orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), a three-member expert committee has been constituted to resolve the various issues pertaining to the Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Project on November 27, with directions to finalize its report within three months from the issuance of the order.
The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change constituted the three-member committee on Monday, following the orders of the NGT on October 16 last.
The members include experts, Dr Prabhas Pande (Engineering Geology), Dr I D Gupta (Seismology) and from the North East, P M Scott (Hydrology).
Director-IA.I, Dr S Kerketta from the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, who looks after river valley projects, will be the convener of the committee.
The Committee will review safety aspects of the dam in line with the recommendations made by the Expert Group and Technical Expert Committee and review the downstream impact as recommended by the Expert Group of Assam and Technical Expert Committee constituted by the NITI Aayog (then Planning Commission).
The Committee is also to visit the project site and its vicinity, hold meetings with both the constituent groups of POC -the expert group of Assam and the expert group from the Government of India and hold further similar meetings with the NHPC and applicants or representatives.
Further, it would technically examine reports submitted by various committees, including both groups of the POC, besides examining the alternate proposal submitted by the applicants for feasibility.
The Committee would also be at liberty to obtain views of either national or international experts or both on the subject.
After submitting its report, the committee will convene a meeting to address the issues and consider early resumption of work on the project.