Can APPSC return my 15 minutes?

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to outpour my grievances, to the higher authority of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC), for conducting the so called prestigious Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination-2017 (APPSCCE), in an amateur way.
On November 26, 2017 (Sunday), like many other candidates, I too had appeared for the preliminary examination of APPSCCE. My examination centre was at Government Higher Secondary School, Polo Colony, Naharlagun. And I don’t feel proud anymore, but feels annoyed, for the simple reason that it was conducted in an unprofessional manner.
While appearing for the General Study paper, at room no. 11, of GHSS, Polo Colony, being one of the examinations Centre, we weren’t allowed to carry our wrist watch inside the examination hall, except for pen/pencil and admit card. Fair enough, if the rule was applicable in all the other Centres as well.
As we weren’t allowed to carry our wrist watch, it was natural for us to rely on school bell, for our time management. And as said, the bell rang, according to its scheduled time. This time, it was the warning bell (15 minutes before the final bell).
But surprisingly, for our invigilator, it wasn’t the warning bell, but final bell. Regardless of our repeated arguments that it wasn’t the final bell, the confident looking Invigilator, took our answer papers (OMR sheets), without even trying to verify the matter.
I agree that 15 minutes is a smaller amount, but considering that movement, all we had in our disposal was that 15 minutes. It won’t be wrong to say that, she (woman Invigilator) snatched away our precious 15 minutes.
With no other options left, we adhered to the instructions, and handed our OMR sheets, albeit with great pain, thinking it must be part of new system, which we weren’t aware of.
But, as we were about to exit the main entrance, we were told that it was a mistake from their side, and that final bell is yet to ring. Upon hearing that, we all rushed towards the hall, like someone has switched on the panic button. We were once again made to sit, with OMR sheets in our hands.
But look at the tragedy. The moment, we sat down to write, the bell rang. And this time it was the final bell.
Being the aggrieved party, we pleaded to the main Coordinator of the exam cell, to provide us with extra time, as it wasn’t our fault, in fact theirs. But our prayer, which was genuine, fell on deaf ears, as the Coordinator took away our answer sheets.
At the end, all blame goes to the Commission, because this incident, apart from several complains coming along the way, only reflects their inefficiency, in conducting the exam of high repute, in such a substandard manner.
The way in which the exam Coordinator and Invigilator conducted the exam at GHSS, Polo Colony Centre, clearly shows that no proper training or instructions were imparted to these officials assigned for the said task.
I would kindly request to the Commission, to take a note, in regard to this matter, and ensure that no such incident is repeated in the near future. And also to ensure that not a single candidate, whatsoever should be in the receiving end, for no fault of theirs.
We know that APPSC can’t return our 15 minutes; nevertheless, we would appreciate, if the esteemed Commission does a bit from their side by enquiring into the matter.
It’s not a question of sour grapes, as I am sure some section would react, but it’s all about the credibility and system, in the larger context.
Dhon Bagang
PhD Scholar, NERIST, Nirjuli (A.P)