Follow UPSC pattern

Dear Editor,
After the APPSCE preliminary examination there is a huge complaint against the standard of the questions. While we have witnessed many errors in the questions of both GS and optional papers ranging from wrong correct options to printing errors to out of syllabus questions. Most of the non geography students particularly those who are from public administration has complained against the easy set of questions on geography and economics. But those who are complaining have forgot that in the last APPSCE prelims geography was one of the toughest subject and public administration was the most easiest. Infact all my sociology, commerce, civil engineering friends have said that their questions was easy. But some others says it was tough. It is not easy to measure the relative standard of questions of different subjects.While one may found it tough other may found it easy. As an economics candidate I don’t agree with our friend who said he can solve 110 questions being from non economics background. His statement is clearly an exaggeration of his frustration. Regarding the copy paste from internet questions, APPSC has always done it since long time. Hence it is under the purview of the aspirants how he or she prepare themselves for the competition. This kind of problem will always comes and therefore the best way to stop it is to follow the UPSC pattern and scrap optionals. I also would like to bring in notice of the commission that in Q No. 22( Set C) there is no correct option in the answer. The question reads: which of the following is not a MAHARATNA status having company? The options given were Coal India Ltd., SAIL, ONGC, BHEL which all are Maharatna company.
Therefore for the wrong options and printing errors, I request the Commission to award marks to all the candidates for wrong questions otherwise the candidates have to suffer the consequences of negative marks.