Copy pasting and quality of questions


Dear Editor,
I am one of the aspirant who appeared during APPSCC Prelims on 26th November 2017 and I would like to put my grievances and disappointment:
1. If the APPSC is the supreme body for recruitment in the state and since they have collaboration with all the universities like RGU, NERIST, NIT etc from where they can manage highly learned or subject specialist for setting prelims paper than why they just did copy and paste from Online MCQs which is not even practiced during JNV or Sainik School entrance exam?
2. Notification was given during May month and since then they had almost 8 month in hand then why did they set the papers in such a rush way which is full of errors.
3. We aspirants gave our day and night for years only to do good in this prestigious exam so that we can serve our state and if we do not get fair chance then it will be injustice for our hard work.
4. Discrimination in the level of toughness among different subjects is not appreciable.
5. I being the Public administrator candidate found it so disappointed that questions where not at par with syllabus provided by the commission. It is same in the case of other subjects also as per my knowledge and discussion with aspirants of other subject.
6. Such careless and immature act by the lone commission forcing us to think that all the post are already sold and the process is mere formality for rest of the poor aspirants.
7. Chairman must let us know who is responsible for this blunder and request their immediate termination.
So, I request my brothers and sisters to stand against such act of the APPSC, if we dont act today they will continue with this culture and I dont want future aspirants to have the same fate.
This is the right time to correct it, on the other hand I would like to request Mr. Chairman to bring justice as soon as possible.
A disappointed Aspirant,





Dear Editor,
This is to bring to your kind notice that the APPSC has made a huge blunder in the Preliminary Examination conducted recently especially in Public Administration (optional). Questions have been directly taken from an online question set of – Solved Public Administration MCQs (2000-2011) -CSS Forums (55 nos.) and the 2008 UPSC Preliminary exam (50 Nos.). This poses an indirect threat of leakage of question paper which would provide an undue advantage to certain candidates. This seems unfair to us. A total of 105 out of 125 questions were selected from these questions papers only which have been taught in the Special Mock Test Programme in Various Couching Institutes. Some questions were out of syllabus (4 Nos), these seem to have been directly copied from the various sources mentioned above. 4 questions account for 8 marks. Which is an enormous disadvantage with respect to students from other subjects. A few questions made no sense as they were directly copied. The text of these copied questions remains the same but they were arranged in such a way that no one could make heads or tails about the question. It is important to mention that 84% of our questions have been taken from just two sample papers. It has been noticed that whole APPSCE Preliminary Examination-2017 questions were just a copy paste which depicts that there was no consultation with the experts. Moreover, we could see no seal on the question booklets which is not at all authentic.
Therefore, I request your excellency to immediately dismiss the current APPSC members for their negligence and reconduct the exam under the new APPSC members with aid and advice from UPSC and make this event just and fair so that every single candidate is satisfied.
we have lot of faith in the APPSCE exam, this incident will remove our faith from the APPSC.
An APCS aspirant