A mismatch

Dear Editor,
Through your daily, I would like to highlights the discrepancies of the recently concluded civil service examination under the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. As of now every denizens of this state is familiar with the fact that the examination has turned out to be a nightmare for thousands of aspirants.
The OMR sheet which was meant for one-for-one basis could not be maintained in uniformity. There were some centre where candidates’ mistakenly fill-in-form got replaced, and there were centre where candidates’ were left to continue with the same OMR sheet. This was for Paper-1 General Studies, where wrong entry of subject code number was encountered the most by the invigilator. Whereas, as we do not have any specific code for the said paper hope the commission will take such err into consideration for the equality of all aspirants.
Candidates have encountered questions with wrong options in some of their papers.
Now as an aspirant, I would like to know from the commission, how are they going to deal with such type of mistakes? Are they trying to maintain it as balance question or is it’s a conscious error from their onwards. I believe such question will be neutralized without any addition and deduction, if any candidate has attempted it with wrong options also, for there lays no correct options. So the matter of addition and subtraction should not arise from such questions. However, in a competitive platform if 0.01 marks can decide the future of a candidate, then 2 marks appears a huge margin of difference. Such type of question is injustice meted out to the candidate who has opted for the subject, it’s not just of a question but a Himalayan blunder committed by the commission.
It has also been found that some optional paper were liberal enough to help candidates’ fetch good numbers but others optional were of very high standard in nature, candidate after putting their valuable time and energy lots encountered many out of syllabus alien concepts and were left with dejection. Commission should have maintained the standard pattern from soft to hard zone question for all subject matter, in the interest of equality of all optional subjects.
Thousands of aspirants have toiled hard day and night for years to become an APPSC cadre, which is the most reputed and respected cadre of our state. Now if recruitment for such cadre is being carried out ordinarily, which lack competitiveness how can a citizen expect sound future of the state. I believe the commission will follow the broader talent search motto rather than channelizing towards narrower zone.
With this few highlighted facts of variance I as an aspirant is looking forward to the commission, that it would be obliged enough to rectify it and go for afresh examination for the greater interest of all candidates.