Ejeng Dudak Musical Band to hold 5-day long music festival

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Ejeng Dudak Musical Band (EDMB) will be organizing a five-day music festival from 17 to 21 January, 2018 at the Nyokum Lapang Ground in Itanagar.
Informing this in a press conference at the Press Club here on Thursday, event director Tai Tugung said that the music festival is being organized with the aim to protect and preserve the state’s age-old folk song and dance.
‘We want to provide a platform to the winners and help them showcase their talent through the festival at national and international levels,’ Tugung said.
Organizing Chairman, Bamang Loram further informed that Bollywood song competition has also been included in the festival, wherein participants would perform folk song, dance, traditional instrument, local rap battle, traditional attire, ramp walk and beat boxing.
‘There would be no age bar for entry except for ballad, for which the age limit is 25 years or above. Participants can also get registered for the competition through facebook@arunachalmusicfestival, Instagram:@arunachalmusicfestival, email:info@ejengdudakgroup.com or www.ejengdudakgroup.com’, informed Loram, adding that the winner will be selected through live voting, for which EDMB has already launched a live voting remote control for fair competition.