Deviation from the trend

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to highlight certain errors from the recently conducted APPSCCE preliminary exam regarding optional paper of electrical engineering 2017.
1. Numerical based problem which required calculator.
2. Time consuming based problem.
3. Numerical based problem on insufficient data.
4. Out of syllabus content for prelims; which is included in the mains syllabus (i.e Material science).
On the basis of above cited point, I would like to sum up that it led to sudden change in question pattern. Every aspirant for any competitive exam prepare their paper by following the previous exam trends and extracts the question pattern out of it.
We don’t expect UPSC-Engineering Services exam questions to be followed for SSC exam although the syllabus resemble. Similar was the case for our prelims paper. It had certainly raised its bar which we didn’t expect for prelims under 120 minutes time slot for 125 questions. It deviated from the trend which deprived us.
On these regard, I would like to request the high esteemed office of the Secretary and APPSC chairman to scrutinize the allegation I have made. And if found to be true, please initiate necessary actions.
An Aspirant