Preparedness and repercussions

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to point out the issues for repealing the APSC exam itself. First of all, the contingency of one paper being easier, for the lack of word is beyond my understanding. Every paper was different, layout being, it is different paper, none the more advisor could say for sure what it would have curtailed except what was on the syllabus. Every year the “easier paper” would be different, that doesn’t mean it was incompetent scheduling. I would be all for this “re-examination” if there was some very forward mistakes upon it but the above mentioned reason should not be the case for appealing it as “mistakes” upon us. What of some students who did give their all but suddenly their chances are diminished because of this issue? People need to understand that the one attempting their best on their concerned paper is their own responsibility and not the fault of one “tougher” than the other. In the first place, this was and is a matter of how one was prepared for one’s own subject and the repercussions for it is their own responsibility.
I for one am not prepared to respect or repeat this exam for all the aforementioned reasons, many might agree with me so this case should not just be accepted in these terms.
One concerned