Introduce Aptitude Test

Dear Editor,
APPSC must change the current pattern of setting question papers for APPSCCE-preliminary exam paper-II (Optional paper). APPSC just like UPSC (in 2011) should do away with Paper-II that is the optional paper and replace it with an Aptitude Test type paper. As the optional subjects are tested in APPSCCE-main, it is redundant to test optional subjects in the preliminary exam too.
The Aptitude Test type paper just like in UPSC civil service examination should be only qualifying in nature, marks obtained in this paper should not be included while preparing merit list but the nature of APPSCCE-preliminary exam Paper-I (GS) should be kept as it is. Aptitude type paper will provide equal playing field for all aspirants and will remove unfairness in the examination, as it will test logical, critical and problem solving skills of a candidate. These qualities, which are attributes of a good administrator, are not tested in the current pattern.
Nani Sancha,