Cross check

Dear Editor,
Time and again APPSC has proved its incompatibilities. Setting of MCQs without a correct option, sometimes by providing obsolete data (facts and figure related questions) , especially in general studies paper, as also evident in last year’s Assistant Engineer(civil) exam and recently conducted APPSCCE prelims exam is indigestible.
It is not expected from the highest recruiting authority of the state that it copy and pastes the questions from other board’s exams and without considering the possible change of answer in facts and figure related questions. Therefore, the Secretary, APPSC is highly requested to avoid such blunders in other exams to come. Don’t appoint incompetent and outdated one as question setter as their questions makes a mockery of the aspiring candidates.
After setting the questions, the answers should be cross checked before handing out the question paper full of mistyping, obsolete data to the poor candidates.
Lucy, Itanagar